Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Choices and Reality

Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

George wrote about his choice to not continue living with a fast progressing and debilitating case of MS.  Each person must make their own decision as to how to live or die.

Must read novel that I discovered recently.  Hard to read because of George's experiences, but really presents his case and others in clear, logical language.  Wonderful story of a family and dealing with a beloved father with MS.  Viewpoint from the 14 year old daughter and later as an adult.  Lots of issues delved into. Not necessarily a "feel good" story, but much of the reality of family dynamics in having a loved one with deterioration from MS.

Because it touched me deeply, I must recommend it to all who wonder "what if"?

George's Mom


  1. Hilda,
    I read some excerpts from this book and it sounds so touching. I'm sure it really touched you.
    I'm not sure I could handle its reality to my life at this point ..... too close to home.
    Dear God _____ I hate this disease (and all diseases)!!!
    Come Soon Lord Jesus. You're our ONLY answer.
    Holding on to that Hope for all our world.
    I'm hoping George is enjoying his new body and he's looking forward to the time God reunites us with each other.
    What else do we have. We know this life is temporary.
    Only God knows the truth and the future.
    Good to hear from you.

    1. The reality of living and suffering with debilitating disease is complex, touching those who have it, and those who live with them. This book reveals many pertinent aspects for both sides. Take care of yourself, Dee.

  2. Living with knowing that you are suffering from an un-curable disease is something, which kill you every day, day by day and ultimately leads to the death.