Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thanks for Remembering George

I wish to thank all of you who continue to read and re-read George's blog.  He would have been astounded to learn that his blog continues to inspire and help those of you who also struggle with MS. His writing, for him,was one of the few ways that he could cope with what was happening to him. 

It has been six months since he died.  He left a very sad,large empty space in our lives.  His children are growing, doing all the things kids do in this society, and hopefully will always remember him with love.  He wanted nothing more than for them to be healthy and happy.Someday, when they are adults, they will read what he wrote, and truly understand what a brave, unique father they had.

Life goes on as George said, but not in the same way as when he was with us.  I continue to share my feelings of the world without George. May all of you continue to read his words, and keep his memory alive.

With gratitude for having been his Mom.
I love you George......




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  1. OMG! Such a beautiful letter. My eyes got tears while reading it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. May God bless you both.