Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Tipping Point

     Today is the end of a journey. A journey that unless one lived in my body one could not even fathom. Although its not the end most would desire, it is to me. See when I was diagnosed in the year of 2007 I was the first to the front lines, fighting with fury as did Leonitas and the 300 as he pit bulled the Persians at The Hot Gates. But even Leonitas knew when his time had come, and like him so do I. My Papou Andy was a warrior. I have always felt as if I was the mimic of him. A Greek immigrant he lived until his late 90's when he would tell me, "yorgos god dont need me and the devil don't want me!". He like Leonitas was at the end of his journey and after 7 days of starving himself he went to be with my yiyia milly, somewhere up there , as tirelessly he had enough, and as crude as it sounds I will always admire him.
     So my journey. Fourty four years, 39 great, 5 a living hell, as I along with my family and friends have watched with fear the degradation of my body, my physical body. Sure I have heard it a million times ms doesn't define you, but ya know what you can keep that shit, as I lay here after my care taker maneuvered me back and forth wiping and cleaning as I have become individually insufficient. There are individuals that really are amazing, guys like Christopher Reeves, and even my buddy Marc Stecker "kazmo" I call him. They seem to trudge along no matter how shitty things are, using their deficiencies as others admiration. I have also performed this way, but I didn't sign up for that and although I have fought like a crazy madman, I refuse to allow my condition to become to the point where my faculty is in a state of confusion or cognitive and physical deterioration has put me at that complete care of others.
       I am at my tipping point and as I write this from the bed I have slumped in the last 2.5 months days in my parents front room, I declare today the end of my journey. Call it what you would like, declare it as quitting or surrendering, but unless you personally have lived it then shut the hell up, because when you are done reading you will get up and go to the fridge, or jump in you car, neither of which I can do. Don't judge me, I said from day one I would give it hell, but I will be damned if I plan to be the poster boy. My choice. This has been a rough week. Failed baclofen pump relief attempt, staples fresh like spring flowers, no relief and instead two ugly slices in me and magnified weakness and paralysis. Life for me is about washing the truck, cutting the grass, shoveling the snow and at this stage none of these delights may I physically partake.
      Living away from my former bride of what would have been 19 years this week, and separated from living with my four beautiful children since December has been equally devastating, and something I thought my family would never be a product of. I am however, thankful of what a wonderful caring mother she is, and knowing the kids are in the best hands is an immense relief. However, life has taken some crazy turns, and instead of things gelling, they have become unglued. Imagine being in bed incapacitated and as your caretaker is care taking, you are on the phone answering questions from your divorce attorney. Imagine.
      The woman in my life who is the most amazing being is my mother. Through thick and thin, rain and shine, snow and ice she has lifted me both literally and figuratively for a long long time especially when I needed it most. Her love and support truly defines relationships between a mother and son, and I can picture her sitting beneath the maple tree, pretty hazel eyes, long gray hair that she is saving for some darn charity, and a smile at me that reminds me of love and love only, without prejudice. I love you so much.  You deserve piece and treasure from the heavens for what you have done for me.  For my parents I am truly ever so grateful.
     My sisters are both amazing , and as I know they'll be devastated, I want Dana to know I recognized her eight million times she has reached out to me, and usually receiving nothing back just because I'm too damn sick at the time to return the favor. I love you both.
     My boys Niko Charlie and Mikey,I love you more than the world, please respect and admire my good qualities, and show the world yours. Niko, the show must go on, please dedicate this one to me, give it your best ever, and use me as the catalyst that drives this one." Bye bye big "g". Charlie the
great debater will be the countries finest attorney, and Mikey you melt my heart with your authentic love so real and true. Im getting the ranch together.
      My daughter, the princess, Stacia, your face so gorgeous engrained in my brain, the coolest person I have ever known I have loved you since the second you arrived. Butterfly kisses tonight. Dad, fix the damn spinal stenosis, and contrary to what an other has precluded, you know how much I love you, from little league coach to council.
     To Uncle mike I send huge kudos for what you've taught and will continue to teach my son your nephew Mikey. What you have done for him is beyond what I ever dreamt and for this I am indebted to you.
     Once the Spartan Army had been exhausted, the country's reinforcements took over, as the soldiers finished the job so will my predecessors. Life goes on. People move on. They love, live, grieve, and so on. It's like the fall leaves on the ground raked and mulched, ready for next springs growth. Those old leaves will be forgotten about and next season so will the new ones. The fact is they all had their journey, flourished when they could, and fell when it was time. When they emerged they gave it all they had, soaking in the spring rains and the summer sun and taking their fall when they hit the tipping point
     . I have hit the tipping point and all I care to conclude is see ya on the other Side, washing my truck, cutting the grass, and shoveling the snow. This is who i really am and what contents and completes me. Excuse my pride and dignity as it is what defines me.  If I have to expose my anus to one more nurse for impact ion relief or have to go through another straight cath I will puke.  See this as a relief to a proud sufferer as opposed to a defeat...the tipping point!
      There is one gripe I would like to share.  For three weeks I spent post surgery and for the days and months suffering that seemed so endless, is it that difficult for friends  ànd love ones past to send a text, a call, a letter?  I don't want to be patronized and I know you can't make your heart feel something you dont but what are we robots?  Are we all just so caught up in our worlds we cannot fathom what spending 24 hrs in bed must be like enough to just say hello I am thinking of you? As far as I am concerned this world is filled with selfishness and hypcrocy.  As well as a whole lot of BULLHIT!


  1. The Greek died this morning.
    He left with a smile on his face.
    There will be an epilogue to tell all of you of his bravery, spirit and will. He was one of a kind. We love you Georgie....Mom, Dad and all

    1. Hilda, Goeorge left this world to be in a better one, where there is not pain, not selfishness,and no hyprocracy, he is finally in a better place than us, I know it is a difficult time, but I know that you will see him againg. All my love is with you and all your family. Love

    2. To George's family and friends, my condolences. I hope he now knows peace.

    3. To George's loved ones and especially his Mother. George was a Vendor to the company I work for. I had spoken to George over the phone on a few occasions. It has been a couple years since I last talked to George, and I heard of his passing through work the other day. I was very saddened to hear of his passing. My memories of George in speaking with him from time to time was always very pleasant. George always provided the best service to us the Customer. When I heard of his passing I went back through some old emails and I came upon one where I must have been sick with a bad cold. Well, George was telling me to load up on the "C"'S which meant Vitamin C. Although he must of been very ill himself at this time, and I did not know of his illness he still took the time to give me advice on how I could make myself feel better. That says a lot about a person. I read most of his posts on The Greek from Detroit just the past few days and was very touched and at the same time blown away by his views on life. He was a wonderful sincere person. To his Mother and Father you raised a remarkable person. I hope you can find peace knowing he is now in a much better place. He will always be remembered fondly and with the greatest respect.

    4. Michael Floyd (PH), Pinconning, MIMarch 7, 2013 at 8:53 AM

      Mrs. Bokos
      I was startled to hear this. I often wondered over the last 10 or so years since we spoke last of what George was up to, and am kicking myself for not digging deeper. My mom's family still lives across from the HS, and I make it down there once in awhile, and remember fondly my visit to the house back in college, where this country hick was welcomed warmly into your city family, haha. My deepest condolences to you and Mr. Bokos, Andrea, and Dana, George's kids, and the rest of the family. He was a great man, certainly a product of his environment, and he will be missed. I hope Heaven has a 5 liter Mustang like my dad sold him in college, because he deserves to ride again.

  2. Georgie, I love u, my hero, my big bro, my heart and soul! U WILL FOREVER BE A PART OF ME!
    your lil sis Dana

  3. May God rest your kind soul in peace, George!
    You will always be my friend.
    Your pastor

  4. georgie, i can see you know in your big ol Ford King Ranch, sparkling clean blazing down the highway with your windows open...wind blowing in your hair with that beautiful smile from ear to ear. You are free again my little brother, free to do everything you want to do and everything you deserved to do for these past 5 years. You have battled mightily, and anybody who disagrees with that is welcome to stop by, I'd love nothing more right now. You are a greek warrior, and you have inspired us all to be better people and to love life more. You died on Alec's 16th birthday, and i know you will watch over and protect him always. He adored you and I am SO proud of my boys for never giving up on their uncle, and only loving him more thru this horrible disease. Your uncle taught you well Alec and Drew, and you will be better men for knowing him.
    Mom, you are the epitomy of character and strength...what can any of us say, may we all have the courage to be as loyal as you no matter what the cost.

    Be free georgie, you are finally at peace little brother. And I know you are loving every minute of it. Do me one favor, when you see me slacking, or taking the gifts of life for granted...give me a little shout out would you?
    I love you kid, always and forever.

  5. I thought of you often and text you when it wasn't late at night. I really was hoping to make it back home to see you and wanted you to meet my son. As, much as this breaks my heart I know you are not in pain anymore. Love you always


  6. Greek was a warrior to the end and may well have taken up the mantel of a warrior on the other side. He honored us with his presence and he honored with the grace of his departure. My condolences to his family.

  7. To The Greek's family - Sincere condolences.
    To The Greek - Can't wait to actually "meet you" on the other Side! When these bodies can't "live" the way we want them to anymore then it is a blessing to have the journey end. I so understand and admire you, George!

    1. Hey George - Thought of you today (like I do so many days) especially when I came across this poem. Still look forward to "meeting you" my internet blog friend!

      You blessed my life.

      MY HOPE ................
      Life is but a stopping place,
      a pause in whats to be,
      A resting place along the road,
      to sweet eternity.
      We all have different journeys,
      different paths along the way,
      We are all meant to learn some things,
      but never meant to stay...
      Our destination is a place,
      Far greater than we know,
      For some the journey's quicker,
      For some the journey's slow.
      And when the journey finally ends,
      We claim a great reward,
      And find everlasting peace,
      Together with the Lord.

    2. Still waiting for that "Hope" in the above poem and meeting you George!
      Here I sit nearly 4 yrs later with tears streaming down my face reading your final goodbye again.
      Happy that your struggles have ended but saddened for all the joys that this damn disease stole from us.
      Thanks George for touching me with your posts in a way I could never express.


    3. Dee,
      Often think about you. Thanks for remembering our George.

    4. I read your post today, Hilda remembering George's birthday. My heart goes out to you.
      Can't wait til God intervenes in this world and ends all pain and suffering.
      He's let us taste of the joys His perfect Kingdom will be like but it is so hard waiting for it to finally come.
      To be reunited with those we love and no more death, tears and pain to get in the way ____
      Oh Lord Let It Be!
      Til then ..... Thoughts and prayers.

    5. Dee,
      I often think of you and wonder how you are doing. George took his fate in his own hands, and I commend and love him for his courage and determination. Be well.

  8. How perfect of you to wait until Sunday, so I could go immediately to church and pray that you get your wings pronto. Sunday is a perfect day, the Lords day, a day of rest. A day of peace, your peace. Everyone will forever keep in mind your strength and symbol of thankfulness. I am thankful you have such an Angel on earth as your mother...God Bless you George. Peace be with you.

  9. My condolences to George's family. He was a warrior indeed, and he suffers no more.


  10. George was the epitome of a "Spartan Warrior"! He had a big smile that could light up a room and a heart that was bigger than his smile. Quite simply he was a beautiful human being who I felt privileged to have known. George had a great sense of humor. He would call our office and pretend to be an irate Coney Island owner who was looking for his coffee delivery. No one could do a better Greek accent than George! He didn't want sympathy or pity but he was very candid in letting me know the hand he had been dealt just "sucked". I admired his honesty and I marveled at his strength. When we would watch our children compete in Swim Meets he would yell at the top of his lungs "Do it for SPARTA"! George my friend YOU did Sparta proud!I'm certain Leonidas himself was there to greet you this morning.My sympathies to all the family.His memory will be eternal.With Love, Nicko

  11. George,

    You were one of the kindest people I had known in high school, always a smile on your face and pleasant to everyone you came across. My heart goes out to you and your entire family and this world has lost a wonderful person.

    Donna Canzoneri

  12. I am so saddened to hear of George's passing today. I am also so sad that I did not hear of George's diagnosis or this blog until yesterday. What a kind, sweet, loving soul he was, and I am so blessed to have know him in this life. I am more humbled than ever after reading through these blog entries, and I am thankful for the simple ability to get out of bed each morning, and I will think of George as long as I am blessed to do this. All my love to his family. I pulled out some old pictures today from Daytona Beach, Florida years ago and smiled, laughed and cried over a life unfinished. Again, my love to his family and please know he has and will touch so many because of his story I will share. With My Love, Ms. Kyle (Lange) Cavolo

  13. Georgie, the world is much the lesser for your loss. You had a wonderful soul and a generous heart, and I will miss you dearly, my friend. Through the last four years we shared some tears and much laughter, and as time goes by I know it is the laughter that will remain. You fought this beast with the heart of a lion, but some battles just can't be won . I'm all the richer to have known you , and I'm proud to have been your comrade in arms .May peace finally be yours.

    Much love to all of George's family and friends.

  14. George,last year my family encouraged me to go to the MS support group held in Birmingham. And so I got out my wheelchair, put on a smile and headed off to sit around a circle and hear others complain about how awful this MS disease really is. However, it was that very special day at that meeting that I met a special friend. It was your smile, strength, and determination that that lit up the room. Since then, we spent many days texting, emailing, and talking on the phone,supporting each other, and sharing our frustrations with life and this MS monster. We also spent many times just laughing and trying to make the best of this disease. I so wanted to be able to meet up one day, but the MS turned both of us into prisoners in each of our parents' homes. I asked god, why you? The best answer he gave me was that you were sent to be my friend, the only person who truly understood our disease. You helped heal my broken heart and literally put a smile on my face again. You will always be in my thoughts. I'm happy that you will be able to do all the things that you missed so much doing. I know when this journey is over for me, I will be able to walk again too. You will greatly be missed by the other greek, Ellen.

  15. George,I'm glad we were able to reconnect and spend some time together over the past months, of course I wish we could have spent more. I've always admired you for your honesty, humility, your fight against this disease, and commitment to your family. I know you are in a better place, and look forward to seeing you again.
    Todd Rotger

  16. The world is worse off today without a person like George among us. He left a special memory to all he came into contact with because he was such a uniquely amazing, genuine, loving person. I hope that the fight he went through will not be forgotten ever because he did everything he could against an immovable force. More than many could have done. He was a great cousin, and role model and I will always have him in my heart.

    Brotha, I hope you are at peace now. I imagine you looking down sharing a bowl of goober soup with Pa Pou while Milly is talking about going to Monkey Wards. You inspired me in life and I love you. I will miss you.

  17. I have dedicated my blog post today to Greek. Since all my posts are poems, it is a poem. The link is

    May he rest in peace.

  18. We all have our tipping point. So sorry that this damned disease we share brought you to yours. Enjoy your rest, my friend, you earned it.

  19. George, may your body and soul rest in peace. Say hello to your Nouno and Nouna and give them a hug for us. Koumbari, our love and prayers are with all of you.

    Love, Olga, Louie and families.

  20. I am reading this with tears streaming down my face. Some people you never forget. I wish I had known. I wish I could have been there for him in some way. I am so sorry for you pain.I am so sorry for his pain. All I can say is this. I in no way have gone through what your amazing son struggled with.. I have been in chronic pain for 9.5 years. Doctors, surgeries, Pain management etc. I do understand so much of what George wrote. He was and always will be the Greek boy who always had time for everyone with a warm smile and a huge heart. Who always made everyone feel welcomed. Being a Greek girl, I always felt he was the epitome of a gentleman. What a son, brother and father I am sure you all adored in George. I do understand what he wrote. His feeling were honest and raw. Diseases never take away memories of the hearts and souls of who our incredible loved ones were. I will always remember his kindness. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. I am sure George gave out more kindness in his 44 years than most people do in their whole lives. Prayers to you all and him.

  21. My condolences to George's family. George, Peace to your soul.

  22. A beautiful eulogy has been written by He too is suffering from this awful disease and his blog is must reading for all, those who are afflicted and those who need to learn.

  23. His is a powerful good bye made all the more powerful for its reminder to make time for all those important in our lives.

    His is also a reminder for me of what could be just around the corner. His views seemed jaded due to callousness of the world he encountered (Arnold), but he seemed determined his part of the world would see the man living as one should. He had some great advice, and this paragraph from slaying dragons is one I'm stealing to take forward in my life (OK, I'm quoting not stealing):

    "Even the healthiest of us have battles throughout the day. We all have our own stories, and as insidious as it may appear to the world, nobody seems to go unscathed. Humor can truly ease the situation. Learn to laugh at yourself a little. I need you all to do me this favor. The next time "running" to the store, "jumping" in to the shower, "grabbing" lunch for the kids, or even "preparing" for the day becomes in anyway a pain in your ass, it is necessary to perform one of two options. Either thank God profusely for the ability and fact you can actually perform and accomplish these tasks without trepidation or consciousness, or take my approach, get your head on straight, make a few jokes, and SLAY YOUR DRAGON! There are no other options."

    I wish I could have met him.


  24. I just can't say how awed I am by the comments from all of you in regard to George.
    He would have been very chagrined to see himself so lauded. He really was a "simple" or so he thought guy whose style was very low key. Of course, we can see that he was much deeper than he owned up to.
    Thanks to all of you for commenting and revealing the man that you knew.
    Hilda (Mom)

  25. Dear Hilda, I came here through a link on Kazmo's blog. Thank you for all that you have done----Granny Bear

  26. To George's family (especially Hilda) - your love, support & acceptance in George's choice to end the suffering is applauded. As another who lives with MS, your unconditional love is the greatest gift of all.

  27. You will be deeply missed George, memories will live on until we meet again. Thanks for being such a great friend it was an honor to work for you, my prayers are with you all. Rest In Peace George, Gone but never forgotten.
    -Steve Rintz-

  28. By the way, George donated his body to research. He will be cremated here in Florida and his ashes spread in the fields that he loved to walk in Michigan. He asked for no wake or memorial. Simple guy.

  29. Thank you to the Hildas of the world, you have brightened all our dark hours with your love. You are the true saints, the arms and hands God asks to care for the uncareable, to see beyond our broken temporary bodies to our souls.

    God bless you Hilda and to all who follow your selfless example of pure love. Remembering the words "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me"

  30. God bless you George.There is peace in letting go.The tipping point comes.Love to your Mother from another xxx

  31. You made me laugh.You made me cry. You made me smile. I will miss our silly talks. I will miss my friend. I will miss you.

    I already do.

  32. Rest in peace George -Jim Weeda

    Niko, Charlie, Mikey, Stacia, your father was a wonderful man who was loved and admired by all, and could make friends without even trying.

    He was certainly a role model to others, and seemed to always have the knack to “do the right thing”; a true leader. George was the kind of person that others enjoyed being around and had that rare ability to step into any situation and be in charge without letting others know it. His great looks, personality, and smile were like a magnet.

    George enjoyed his blue Mustang, golfing (which he normally crushed the competition), the simple things we take for granted, and sharing laughs and stories. He frequently mentioned his family (even back in the college days) and was proud of his heritage and upbringing, he was a true family man and all around “solid” individual. He sent pictures of the kids’ events and was truly PROUD.

    As I sit and type, I cannot help but feel guilty and wonder why and how this is possible, and why George was chosen‡ There are no justifiable descriptive words to explain. George was never one to complain, and I would always wonder and ask what the pain was like and once again‡ There are no justifiable descriptive words to explain. God Bless You. Jim W., Greg Z., Kelly K., Mike B., Todd M., Mike F., Jason M., Todd R.

    1. Friends,
      Your tribute to George is so right on. He was unassuming and would have razzed you all for what you said. I just hope that his kids will read it and save so that they will know what a man their Dad was. May his fine traits manifest themselves in his beloved children as they grow up....he would have wanted to be there to watch more than anything in the world.thanks from his Mom & Dad

  33. I never knew you but i know how it is to be kept locked away from what defines you. I wish that before you had hit your tipping point, there had been time or a glimpse of inspiration to redefine yourself in the new context but i completely understand not wanting so many of the things that you endured daily being unacceptable peices of the new definition and sometimes they outweigh what we have left in us to be proud of. I can feel your relief. Your family can be proud of your bravery in leaving this way under these circumstances. Just as proud as they would have been watching you find a way to keep breathing each day as you diminished. Either way, the end is the same. You spared more than yourself the suffering. And there is nothing selfish in that.

  34. Rest In Peace George. You do not know me but I can relate 100% with your struggles. I am in the same situation. All I want is to be pain free and to feel true joy. It is hard to feel anything but despair when you want good feelings but yet it cannot be had. I know we will meet and I want to share all the good we have missed. You are a brave man and you deserve all the tranquility. Thank you for your thoughts it is a comfort to know I am not alone. Bless you and your loved ones. XOXO

  35. George. We cannot fathom the level of courage you have. But we have and will forever use it as an inspiration to make ourelves worthy of this world we live in. You are truly one of the finest human beings. We will strive to live our live with the dignity and compassion that has been the standard you have set in your short life. Kelly Jim and I will NEVER forget our time knowing you as we are better men for it. Especially all the comraderie we had in our college years at CMU. The world was a far better place with you in it but you are now free and sitting amongst the angels, and that makes me smile. You have not suffered in vain because your pain was a rallying cry for us to make the best of our lives and to not be bothered by our daily miniscule problems. I will forever strive to be a better person in my life. You have tought me that. And I ask for peace and blessings for your family. Rest in peace George.

    Mike Bradford
    Henderson NV

  36. Kathy Donohue (Elliott)March 10, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    Hilda and Chuck,

    When I read your email, I just froze and stared into space. Saying, 'I am sorry' is just not enough to say.

    I wanted to find out more about George and just happened to come across his "The Greek from Detroit.' What amazing blogs! I 've only read a few so far, but as I read them, I cry and smile at the same time. What an outstanding man he was. He kept fighting with such a positive attitude until the pain was just too much. He always gave it all he the Spartans!!!

    Having moved from Michigan to New Jersey over 30 years ago, I really did not know George. Hilda, I did visit you with Anthony, Nick and Tricia a few times. My kids were really young at that time. George was home one time and the other times he must of been in school. Reading his blogs makes me feel cheated! I wish I had known him in this life.

    I do know that another young person in our family has passed much too soon. I thought of Aunt Milly, Uncle Andy,and all our other relatives standing there with their arms out stretched to welcome George into heaven. Now he is walking to medication... feeling like he did 5 years ago.

    A year before my brother Jimmy died, he took us to see 'Wicked' on Broadway. When I hear the song "For Good" I think of him and now I will also think of George.

    'I've hear it said that people come into our lives
    for a reason bringing something we must learn and
    we are led to those who help us most to grow if we
    let them and we help them in return. Well, I don't
    know if I believe that 's true but I
    know I'm
    who I am today because I knew you..

    It well may be that we will never meet again in this
    lifetime, so let me say before we part, so much of
    me is made of what I learned from you, you 'll be
    with me like a HANDPRINT ON MY HEART and now whatever
    way our stories end, I know you have re-written
    mine by being our son,father, brother, uncle, cousin
    and friend. '

    I wish Tricia and I had been able to talk to him more when we visited at the hospital in Nov. It's funny, I read in one of his blogs that he really loved Dunkin Donuts Coffee. As I read that, I'm saying to myself... Why didn't I bring him D&D coffee? Then, I am thinking ...How did I know he liked it? Why didnt I
    know? I should of known. How could I have known? I hardly knew George.... so what, I am saying to myself.... I should of
    known that..... and on and on....

    Hilda, I think you know, maybe you don't ,that you have always been a special cousin to me. I always had so much respect for you and admired you so very much ...and still do! I always loved coming over and spending the night and asking you about so many was so much quieter at your house too!!!! I love that you just say what you feel and have such feeling and passion for what you believe and say! I read that same passion for life in George's blogs!

    As Jimmy sang in one of the songs he wrote...
    And so in life there are no guarantees, you come and go just like turning leaves, and so you hold on to the little things ... you'll never know what comes your way..or what life holds....
    So true... so true.... We have to hold on to our memories and
    ask God for strength. Easy to say...hard to do at times like this. We ask.... Why was George given this to endure...????

    As George said in his blogs,he just wanted to wash his car, shovel snow, cut the grass.. the simple things he missed so much and wanted back. When I am doing so many of the simple things in life ,that we take for granted, I will think of him and smile! He has reminded us to appreciate them every day!

    We are thinking of and praying for you and your family!

    Much love,
    Your cousin,

  37. May he find peace and a place free from pain. Much love to his family. He's in a better place

    Love and such from an MS friend.

  38. Here's hoping that you find the peace and painless things you need... I came here by a rather convoluted route, but the final post reeled me in and struck me hard.

  39. O THEOS NA TON ANAPAFSI!! it is with deep sorrow that I learn of George's passing. May you take pride in your soldier for he is in a better place free of pain and suffering. What a wonderful mother you are Haido. Fondly, a fellow MSer and a Greek,
    Kiki T

    1. Efharisto! I cherished every moment that I spent with him..hoping to alleviate his suffering. I vowed to NEVER let him feel abandoned as he had been in so many ways. Kiki...healing to you.

  40. I come back here to read George's final words in print to remind myself that he knew with a certainty what choices were left to him. I miss him more than I can ever express, and I miss the man he would have become, the father who would have guided his children in their life journey, and the son who would have, with his sisters, bid a final farewell to two parents who lived for their children and families. His words grow more meaningful and eloquent each time I read them.

    Time changes grief, but it does not take away the sense of loss, of pain for the suffering and injustices George endured, and the waste of a man who had love and guidance to offer his children. who knows what he might yet have achieved in the earthly world?

    Now, I can only cling to the last moments we spent together, yet cry each day for the son who will not be here to bid farewell, with his sisters, to his parents when their time comes.

    George.......we loved you so. Be at rest. Mom

  41. I miss you George. You were a good man with an incredibly positive outlook even in the face of tragedy. I am so glad that your suffering is over, but I keep wishing you would call me just one more time. Rest peacefully my friend.

  42. Thank you so much Sarah, for honoring and remembering George. You honestly observed the courage and humor he exhibited when his world and life was turned upside down. He was the epitome of courage and stayed true to himself when he made his own way to freedom. We miss him more each day.

  43. This man suffered too much. Although I never met him except through his writing, I can sense what a good person he was. He tried so hard to survive. What a curse he endured and yet his bravery shines through in his words. I hope he is at peace.

  44. Miss ya Buddy! Thought about you a lot this week!

    1. thanks Mikki. You treated George well and he appreciated it. Miss him terribly.

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