Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reading Between The Lines

     Do you remember that excercise you had to do in class where you would line up, the teacher would tell the first guy in line a phrase, and by the time it made it to the end of the line it was completely butchered and misinterpreted? It was a simple phrase like"John has white hair" and it turned out to be "John wears whitey tighties.". Such is life. A mélange of misinterpretations, mix ups, and muddyuck. For those of you that aren't familiar with muddyuck, it is a tribal meal where a variety of consumable herbs are thrown in a bowl, and a nice spatoon of saliva is the catalyst that mixes the herbs and grasses together. Such is life. Muddyuck. A bunch of different words, experiences, triumphs and tragedies thrown in a bowl and mixed together, a little spit or sweat mixed in, and an output that is interpreted differently by each and every one of us. This concept is in some ways both a beautiful thing and at the same time can be a bastardly thing. Interpretation is as individual as DNA. You may be trying to do something special and proud of what you are doing and one may be hurt or shocked by that same thing.
      So who is correct? Both are correct. We are all blessed with our own opinions and yes, interpretations. This is why communication is a game changer. Without it you may never know that this special thing you do is hurting someone or even helping someone. I received both an amazing compliment and an upsetting interpretation of my actions recently. First, I had a lady email me and told me that she has a granddaughter that does not feel any self worth and this grandma fears what the outcome may be. Recently the girl became a reader of my blog and realized the good in her life and had made a 360 turnaround in attitude and often times will say " I bet George would love to do this!" To me, this is the ultimate compliment. Conversely I have some very very special people in my life that don't feel the same. Who is correct? They both are based on their own unique god given rights to interpret my words. Again the key is communication. It is the way it is and where the thought of hurting anyone is unconscionable to me, it is going to happen. Sometimes reality is a slap in the face and darkness can be freightening, but not all stories are inspiring in fact some are downright depressing, but again I have tremendous admiration for anyone fighting, no battling, any kind of illness and sometimes one has to read deep between the lines to find the good, or maybe it's bad, again it is his or her interpretation!
      Do get to the point Greek you say? The point is life is as unpredictable as the weather. A friend of mine lost her 40 year old husband yesterday to a heart attack while driving. Great shape, athletic, strong as an ox and this guy gets stripped from life just like that. Don't get so caught up in your interpretations in life. Focus on what you can do and not what you can't. If I admit that MS sucks that is my interpretation and my right. If you think it has taught you so much and was a blessing for you, so be it. I do not have to be in agreement just as you don't have to agree with me. Life can be a wonderful thing. It can also be a shitty and cruel thing. How are you going to interpret it? Is your way the right way? Is my way the right way? Not even God can answer that. That is what makes us all unique, all special, all different, and all responsible to deal with our own interpretations.


  1. Thanks again for putting light where there is often dark. You are one of the ways that I find a reason to keep on going each day. I am also fighting MS and it is a fight.

    1. I'm touched keepf fighting. The tide has to eventually turn.

  2. All I have to say is MS sucks, you've earned the right to say it, life can be cruel but, life is also beautiful with people like you in it.
    Love you