Friday, April 6, 2012

Reasoning With The Unreasonable

     On the six o'clock news there was a story about a guy, a former dedicated Emergency Medical Technician, who was calling out to the general public for help.  Turns out he was in an accident of his own and became a double amputee overnight.  Here's a guy that for 23 years was the first person on the scene when it came to lifes random devastation.  There he was like an angel of God tirelessly doing whatever he could do to maintain, revive, comfort, or ease the pain of any affliction that relative emergency required.
     It's been eight years since he has been able to have a normal shower or bath, due to his insufficient funds and accessible living quarters, and with the help of his dear wife he mainly required sponge baths or shampooing his hair in the sink.  The guy had to suck up his pride and dignity and call the news to see if a contractor would be willing to help him out, gratas of course, in making an accessible bath.
     Every day there are new stories, heartfelt, unfair, unreasonable random acts that create suffering and change the lives of families forever.  Why?  I used to ask the universe all the time.  Why me?  Well I have recently stopped asking because I have come to the conclusion there can't be a logical or reasonable explanation for a guy to suddenly lose his legs, or in my case the ability to use them.  It's as if some high power throws a dart off the top of the 15th floor and it randomly hit me and guys like this EMT square in the head. 
     I have heard it all.  These things happen for a reason.  You were chosen to teach others.  Blah blah blah blah blah.  Maybe I dont feel like being the example.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I can only imagine his suffering, having had 23 surgeries for infection created by this accident.  However there was one thing that really smacked me in the face. For eight years he has sucked it up and managed to find ways to overcome the normal hygene routine of a simple shower. This is one area surely most people take for granted or complain that it takes their shower so long to heat up.  I know many, including me who would love the chance to stand there and wait.
       I used to love a hot shower enormously.  Especially after a cold day of golf or getting caught in a cold rain, oh the shear pleasure it was to let that scolding hot soft water caress my body like the hands of an angel.  Now its like climbing Mount Everest, and I am exhausted when I am done; however, at least I have the means to pay for help, utilize a bath chair, and wipe down with a warm fresh towel.  Simple pleasures.  That's all this guy wants is to take a shower.  How many of us take one without ever even thinking about what it would be like to lose the ability to, or have the means or accomodations to do so?  I know I sure never gave it a thought, until recently. 
     Next time your pissed about waiting for that hot water, imagine no legs, no shower at all, and having to wash your hair in the sink while holding on the counter for dear life.  Imagine being forced to reason with the unreasonable...

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  1. Your writing continues to impress with its authenticity and ability to clearly express the heartfelt emotion most of us never consider. Please, continue to inspire and wake us up to the reality of each person's, including yours, battles and courage.
    Love you....Mom