Monday, March 19, 2012

Ignorance Is Bliss

     Why shouldn’t I celebrate St. Pattys Day?  Ok I am Greek, but doing “normal” things like hanging with friends or people watching can help alleviate the daily pain and torment that comes with MS.  So off I scootered to the local watering hole in search of some amusement last weekend to give some green beer a shot. Actually I sipped a glass of water the whole time, since the alcohol seems to interfere with the baclofen.  I become so listless I don’t realize the drool on my lip like water coming down the fall!                                                             
     A relative owned this bar and adorned in my green t-shirt, silkscreened with a leprechauns suit jacket and a clover that read ‘kiss me I’m Irish.  A string of green pearls and clovers hung around my neck.  I enjoyed some corned beef that had slow cooked until it was like melt in your mouth butter, some rye bread and some sweet carrots.  I was by myself kind of parked in the front corner of the bar, not really talking to anybody, just kind of minding my own business when an inquisitive couple asked the reason for the scooter.  “Soldier” I remarked.  Been in a four year battle with MS I explained.  Turned out this couple worked with patients who were involved in accidents or suffered spinal trauma, so I didn’t have to do much explaining.
     As the night when on the bar became increasingly hot (temperature wise) and naturally my glorious symptoms exacerbated.  My hands were so numb I couldn’t hold the glass, and the vertigo had me feeling like I was in a tilt-n-roll at the amusement park.  Nonetheless I trudged on, trying again to enjoy a “normal” evening like the other patrons.  The effects of the green beer was starting to really show on the faces and the actions of those in the bar, especially when some bastard , built like a superhuman, tattoos and his hat flipped on backwards thought it would be fun to start hassling the guy in the scooter, again who was minding his own business.  “You got a coaster on that thing”, he joked “I need somewhere to set my beer.  We gave each other a few ugly looks and words as I look up to him like a little kid looking up in the sky.  “Why don’t you just move on I asked him.”  Apparently he was getting a charge out of the whole thing and started grabbing the controls of my scooter and laughing.  After about the third F.U. that I tried to instill in his unconscious mind, he laughed and walked outside the bar.  It was there he stood at the door and pointed at me and laughed.  I tried to shrug it off but my God am I allowed to have some dignity, even if I can’t walk?  I banked to the left and b-lined outside where I called this giant every name in the book.  I didn’t care.  What would be the consequences?  I still have MS at the end of the day, and it sucks. 
     I pictured ramming his shin with the front bar of my scooter.  I knew that would hurt.  As I hit the hammer and started to charge towards him is when two able bodies showed out of nowhere. It was as if they fell from the sky.  It was the couple I met earlier and if you think my mouth was dirty, forget it they layered it on this guy like syrup on a pancake.  The verbal assault continued until finally a bouncer came out and broke things up, and sent muscle head packing.  I felt bad that the couple had to get involved, but it was at that moment I realized that one never really knows when one’s angels will appear.  And it wasn’t the bully and his chiding of my disability that had me mesmerized, but rather my two angels that came out of absolutely nowhere; reminding me that life shouldn’t be focused on the bully, but rather the beauty.  Ignorance is Bliss…


  1. So happy to see you writing again! Keep it up.

  2. Replies
    1. Bro, I seriously would have killed him If I was there!