Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To the Tune of "Twas The Night Before Christmas-MS version"

Twas the night before Wednesday, The Greek out like a log
A couple of valium snoring louder than the dog.
The children were tucked under their covers with care
The windows were opened allowing in the cold air.
Tuesday was crazy with PT and such
The necessity for sleep holds importance so much.
Poor tired Linda had catered to all,
She just settled down as her bod hit the wall.
When out in the hallway there arose such a clatter,
I struggled to the walker to see what’s the matter.
Slowly dragging my torso my eyes like two holes,
Banged my toe on the wheel my ankle then rolls.
The clock glowing brightly the time I would know,
It’s two in the morning and my body won’t go.
When what to my twitching left eye should appear,
It’s one of the twins shivering in fear.
Tapping the floor with two little feet and he’s moving so quick
Oh please Lord don’t tell me tonight he is sick.
More louder than dinosaurs his run as he came,
He shook and he shouted his dreams’ claim to fame.
Darth Vader, an alien, some monsters and a mummy,
He’s scared out of his wits and now sick to his tummy.
Back to his bunk climbing up from the wall,
Please get away from me monsters please get away all.
The terror continued and he thought he would die,
When he gets this worked up he’ll usually cry.
So back down the hallway the little guy flew
If he’s awake I may as well be too.
I glanced at my wife still purring with sleep,
I scowled at Michael to make no more peep.
As I gathered myself and was turning around,
I tripped on the dogs toys consuming the ground.
The dog never moved sleeping sound head to paw
His belly was upright and I was in awe.
A bundle of fur he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a person asleep in my sack.
So off to the bunk bed my listless body not merry,
My legs like two boners and almost as hairy.
We crawled in the bottom this bed for me not fun,
Just me and my buddy so close together were like one.
It’s now almost three and soon will be morning,
My dear son I love you but would rather be snoring.
Some cuddling, caressing, rubbing and such,
The dream of these monsters was plainly too much.
By four in the morning and sleep out of sight,
I figured some TV would do him just right.
He tiptoed downstairs as he went all alone,
And although he just loves me and puts me on the throne,
Accompaniment downstairs with MS just aint happinin,
I figured once more he’d probably be crappin.
Now finally alone and two hours will come work,
If I don’t catch some z’s surely ill be a jerk.
As my eyes start to shut there commences a beeping
The fire alarm battery is dead on the ceiling,
And it’s obvious this night there will be no more sleeping.
Back in the day I would fly to my feet,
With a snap and a turn this alarm I could beat.
As I stare at the ceiling asking the universe why,
If it weren’t for the humor I think I would cry.
The beeping continued its course to no avail,
I lay in the bed like a prisoner no bail.
To Moses forty years in the desert my thoughts do turn,
Get your ass out of bed there’s lessons to learn.


  1. Your talent and humor astounds. What a combination of emotions. Laugh or cry with your words. Some of both, methinks.

  2. George - Thank you for the midday digression and a chance to focus on what is most important. I feel your pain (at least the middle of the night wake-up call kind from the pitter patter of feet) – it is zombies that consumes the nighttime hours in our house these days. I am so thrilled that you started your blog – I should have picked up the phone or sent an email sooner because I often think about you and wonder how you are doing. Your experiences overlap so many challenges in life and you are sharing them in such an eloquent way. Keep them coming - my thoughts are headed your way!
    Krystie Lee (Vrooman)

  3. George, I found this blog from Krystie and am reading your story. I have to tell you I had no idea but I have thought about you for the past 17 years. My husband and I bought the house across the street from the one you grew up in(on Ellen). "Miss Wanda" still lives right across from your old house but my house backs to her. Your family is beautiful.

    Stacey Grammatico(Quertermous)

  4. Great stuff, George. You're a poet and I didn't even know it.

    Sorry, couldn't resist…

  5. You are amazing! And so are your wife and children!
    Thank you for trusting my son Jasper, and welcome him into your house.

    Francesco Apollonia

  6. anonymous one and two-I know thats you and Mom Dana!
    Krystie-your life is busy as mine-pleaselove to your family!
    Stacey-I took the twins to the old house recently, the owner saw me sitting there and when i told him who i was he asked-"Why did you plant this tree here its cracking the sidewalk!" OMG it was over 43 years ago!!!And my Mom did it!
    Kamikaze-You just couldnt help yourself!
    Fransesco-thanks for the kind words and Jasper is a great kid!

  7. I only take responsibility for the tree. It was four feet tall and three inches around when it was planted. He should be happy it is providing oxygen for him.